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The pinterest marketing studio

It's time to get off the Social Media
Hamster Wheel and let *Pinterest Search* take over your Traffic + Income!

What if your website attracted engaged fans, increased your income like crazy, and gave you the time and freedom to enjoy your dream life?

Can I let you in on a secret?

Ready to grow your Traffic from Pinterest in less than 4/h a month? 

it absolutely can!

countless hours

Have you spent hours learning more than you ever wanted to know about reels and FB- hustling like crazy, but you're still not getting results? 

no sales

not getting seen

Are you part of the *feeling lost* crew? 

Your course or coaching is up, but no sales are happening, and you're second-guessing - Am I the problem? Is it my offer? What the heck is going on?

Can't seem to break through the noise and get the right people to your website and in front of your products

I hear ya loud and clear!

Well, my friend, get ready to say goodbye to social media overwhelm—and say hello to a flood of

Traffic, Eyeballs and Income!

Just imagine...


being able to ditch the content creation overwhelm, and attract the right people to your offers investing only 4h month into promoting your digital product or coaching online! 


 wait a sec ... was that a new sale receipt that just landed in your inbox!?

having a strategy in place that allows you to be off social 24/7 so you can focus on creating the best offer and service for the people you're meant to serve!


being able to wake up to a website, blog and business that's growing sustainable because you’re finally getting the traffic and income you deserve...

Pinterest is one of the most powerful search engines out there!

Many brush off Pinterest as just another social platform

But it's not!


Results without Pay-to-Play!

A pathway that keeps funneling visitors to their site without bleeding ad dollars.

If you're in the market for: 

A strategy that Takes Less than 4/h Month!

Explosive List + Income growth!

A plug-in, peace-out kind of plan, done and dusted in just 4/h months!

A sharp-focus strategy zeroing in on two gold mines: ramping up email subscribers & amplifying sales. Because, let's be real, surface-level metrics are so last decade.





Diving Deeper into the Pinterest Galaxy: 

Step into the world of Pinterest, not just a social platform but a powerful search engine designed to fuel aspirations and drive business goals. Intrigued? Here's a closer look at the Pinterest for business:

Monthly Serches!

2 Billion

Female Audience!

60% Female

Monthly users

445 Million 


100K Income

Over 2 billion searches happen on Pinterest every month. That's a lot of intergalactic quests!

Many users have a sleek 100k+ in household swagger.

A large audience of millennial Women aged 25-44!

A bustling universe brimming with potential stars and galaxy-trotters.

Your Solution to More Traffic...

This platform isn't just a colorful collage of ideas. It's a solution-driven universe where questions find answers, brands meet their audience, and dreams get a touch of reality. As you pin, you're not just sharing; you're connecting, teaching, and inspiring. It's the digital version of a friend who always has a recommendation up their sleeve. So, are you ready to dive into this world of endless solutions?

Time-Crunched? no problem 

One hour a week is all Pinterest asks to parade your genius to the world. While other platforms have content that fades overnight, Pinterest pins are like those legendary rock anthems – they never get old.

Traffic without Emptying Your Wallet?

Ready for a jaw-dropper? 97% of Pinterest peeps are on a quest for solutions. And, cherry on top? They're often ready to shop, making them more 'buy-now' than the casual scrollers of IG or FB.

Wish Your Content Lived Longer?

Tired of seeing your crafted posts go poof after a day? Enter Pinterest. Here, pins are like fine wine, getting better with time. A smart strategy can keep your content alive and kicking for months or even years!

Finding Clients Feels Like a Goose Chase?

The digital landscape is vast, but Pinterest is your trusty GPS. With its eye-catching visuals and click-worthy pins, you're not just getting views, but actions. It’s like having a magnet for potential clients!

Lost in the Digital Jungle?

Stepping into online marketing can feel like entering a maze blindfolded. But, Pinterest? It's like having a personal tour guide. With clear tools and insights, you can spot what’s trending, tweak your game, and stride confidently to your goals.

Pinterest is like that resourceful buddy who chimes in with, "Challenge accepted!" every time we hit a snag.

Kiss Content Fatigue goodbye

The content treadmill got you winded? With Pinterest, just six fab pieces of content are your ticket to a month-long brand showcase. Think less bulk, more brilliance, and goodbye to the everyday content scramble.

Ready to Trade Social for Search?

Listen up, pin pal! All this magic? It’s within reach, let me ask you -
are you ...

 Are you ready to join me on the *Winning Pinterest Team*!





 my exact 6-part system how to leverage Pinterest for mega traffic + income GROWTH IN UNDER 4H/MONTH!

The Pinterest Marketing Studio is the only online training of it’s kind that gives you my blueprint on how to leverage Pinterest for traffic so that you can create a steady stream of income from selling digital products or services without the overwhelm and the constant hustle.

This course is designed to give you the fastest results possible leveraging all the knowledge I’ve built up promoting my website and business on Pinterest over the last decade. 

Inside the course you’ll learn exactly how to: 

But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your superpower to the next level. 

- Leverage the power of Pinterest for driving Mega Traffic to your business. 

- Set up an optimized Pinterest Business account that’s attracting your ideal customer

- Design irresistible Pins that not only look good but are actually click-worthy

- Use the Pinterest algorithm as a search engine, not a social media tool for consistent results without the overwhelm 

- You’ll also learn how to create a Pinterest system that you can implement into your business in less than 1h/ week

- And you’ll also learn to leverage Pinterest to boost your sales and income so your business brings you the success, freedom and security you long for and deserve

Understanding Pinterest Traffic

Module No. 1

4 Video lessons - setting the foundation for your business success on pinterest. Plus exactly which content to focus on for more clicks + sales!

In module 1 - We start at the beginning and break down how Pinterest traffic really works. 

I give you my formula for leveraging content marketing for massive growth and share which types of content you should focus on to get people to actually click and engage with you. 

Because not everything works well on Pinterest. I give you the exact blueprint of what actually works on Pinterest for business. 

How to Get Started with Pinterest

Leveraging Content Marketing for Growth

Exactly Blueprint of What to Create for more Traffic

4 Video/Audio Lessons 

Funsheet + Checklist

Special Bonus + Resources

The Ultimate Pinterest Profile

Module No. 2

3 Video lessons - Creating the perfect profile & Boards. Plus, tutorials on how to set up and run  A Pinterest "seo optimized" account!

In module 2 - we identify and narrow down your niche and ideal customer. I also show you how to set up an optimized Pinterest business account and teach you my "top to bottom approach" for creating boards that convert! 

On top of all the theory I go into actual tutorials showing you exactly where to click to set up your profile and boards for maximum exposure! I share my screen and give you the behind-the-scenes, so you know exactly what to do. 

How to Setup the Ultimate Profile for Business

Pinterest Boards Setup 

Narrowing down your Pinterest ICA & Niche

3 Video/Audio Lessons 

Funsheet + Checklist

Special Bonus + Resources

Designing Irresistible Pinterest Pins

Module No. 3

5 Video lessons - you’ll learn everything you’ll ever WANT to know about effective pin designs. From generating ideas to design, creation + Upload!

In module 3 we're crafting pins that actually get clicked on. I give you the blueprint and anatomy to creating the perfect pin with all the best practices ,but more importantly, from what I’ve seen actually work, using Pinterest for my business for almost a decade now. 

This module also includes hands-on tutorials showing you exactly how to create article, video and idea pins on and off the platforms. Again sharing my screen so you can follow along step by step. 

The Art of Crafting Click-Worthy Pins

How to Generate 100+ Pin Ideas in 30' or less!

Pin Design Tutorials for: Article, Video + Idea Pins

5 Video/Audio Lessons 

Funsheet + Checklist

Special Bonus + Resources

The Pinterest Algorithm & Search

Module No. 4

4 Video lessons - covering EVERYTHING you need to know about the Pinterest algorithm and search! From theory to what to do every day to rank #1!

First, I break down all the algorithm pieces to *outsmart the Smart Feed * so your pins show up at the top of Pinterest search results. 

Next, I go into an intensive training of Pinterest keyword research where I share the secrets to choosing the right keywords for getting the most clicks! And I also give you 3 different ways of doing keyword research.

And then we take all that theory, and I show you exactly what to do on a daily basis to put this into action!

Break-down of The Pinterest Algorithm for Biz

Pinterest Keyword Research (Theory + Practice)

Other *secret* SEO Tutorials 

4 Video/Audio Lessons 

Funsheet + Checklist

Special Bonus + Resources

Pinterest Systems & Strategy

Module No. 5

4 Video lessons - covering how to create a Pinterest strategy you can implement in less than 1h/week while bringing you massive RESULTS. 

I answer the biggest questions on
  • "How much to pin?"
  • "When to pin?" +
  • "How to pin?" 

And I go into in-depth tutorials of how to pin using the Pinterest native platform as well as a detailed behind-the-scenes of how to use Tailwind, my favorite Pinterest scheduler.

This module is going to show you how to break free of the hamster wheel and get back control of your time. 

A perfect Pinning Routine for your Biz

The "Hierarchy of Freshness" Pin Concept

Tutorials on How to Pin "Manually + Scheduled"

4 Video/Audio Lessons 

Funsheet + Checklist

Special Bonus + Resources

Sales Booster

Module No. 6

4 Video lessons - I cover 3 sales booster strategies that will help you turn those pinterest clicks into actual dollars on your bank account. 

First, I show you three different ways to use Pinterest to make a sale in your business or get a new client.

We also cover the  detailed outline I use to convert people consuming my free content into paying customers. 

And finally, I show you how to use Pinterest to grow your email list and reach that next level in your business  by making consistent passive income using only 3 tools: a website, Pinterest and an email list. 

Use Pinterest to Grow your Income + Sales

Converting People through Content Marketing

Email List Explosion from Pinterest

4 Video/Audio Lessons 

Funsheet + Checklist

Special Bonus + Resources

Time-Saver Alert: 

Only got 30 minutes a week? Perfect. That's precisely the time you'll need to harness the power of Pinterest with our approach.

Let's Break It Down...

And there's more to know

Instant Gratification: 

Enroll, and bam! Dive straight into our modules. No waiting around.

Fresh Out of the Oven: 

This isn't a rehash. The course has brand-new content, tailored to the current dynamics of Pinterest.

Exclusive Intel:

The insights and strategies we offer? You won't stumble upon them anywhere else. Consider this your unique key to the Pinterest kingdom.

Exclusive Add-ons Ahead! Tap into a surge of extra value from the

Entering Bonus Territory!

Now, when you enroll IN the Pinterest marketing studio today on top of your course modules, you also get...


Access to the Exclusive Members-Only *Pin-Pals* FB Group

We’ll do weekly accountability posts and goals to work on for that week. And the FB group is also where I'll occasionally go live to connect with you even more.

We can do a Coffee Chat with K or maybe a cheeky little Rosé with K together, where you and I discuss new things on Pinterest, pick a theme to deep dive, or do a Q+A. I can't wait to connect with you there!

Your place to ask questions, wins, setbacks, and connect with people who are in the trenches with you. 

Exclusive FB Community - Value at $150

30 Pin Templates, Checklists, Planners, Schedules & more...

You can simply duplicate the pins inside Canva, and boom, you’re ready to go.

I also through in a Course Checklist, a Pinterest Planner + Content Schedules, as well as other additional downloads that will cut the time you need to implement Pinterest for your business in half. 

I created a brand new pack of 30 canva pin templates for more clicks + traffic to your biz!

Templates Pack - Value at $350

10-Part Plug'n'Play  *Pinterest-to-Sale* Email Sequence

This is the exact sales sequence I use in my business, and I’m giving it to you for free as a bonus here. This bonus alone is worth the price of the entire course.

No need for you to hire an expensive copyrighter anymore - I’m giving you everything you need to make Pinterest work and help you grow your online business. 

use these 10 Plug-n-play email templates to boost your email sales from Pinterest.

Email Sales Sequence - Value $597




The Pinterest Marketing Studio is BRAND NEW!

and my friend this course is 


- it’s the most UP-TO-DATE course you’ll find about Pinterest out there! 

No slide overwhelm, no reading a 300-page E-book walking away with a headache. You can WATCH at your own pace or LISTEN to the audio extracts while driving home from work. 


You also get access to cutting-edge, NEVER HEARD BEFORE Pinterest strategies like the concepts of the:

  • *The Pinterest Hierarchy of Freshness”
  • “My Top to Bottom Profile + Boards Approach,”
  • “Keywords Intentions”

NO ONE is talking about this anywhere!

Cutting-edge strategy

This course is as close as you can get to working with me 1:1 to skyrocket your Pinterest account, traffic, + income for your business. 

as close to 1:1 as it gets

The Pinterest Marketing Studio is BRAND NEW!

So here’s what you get when you



The Pinterest


Marketing Studio

module 1 - understanding pinterest traffic

  • How to Get Started with Pinterest
  • Leveraging Content Marketing for Growth
  • Exactly Blueprint of What to Create for more Traffic

4 Video Lessons on:

Value $350

module 2 - the ultimate pinterest profile

  • How to Setup the Ultimate Profile for Business
  • Pinterest Boards Setup using my "Top-To-Bottom" Approach
  • Narrowing down your Pinterest ICA & Niche

3 Video Lessons on:

Value $350

module 3 - Designing irresistible pins

  • The Art of Crafting Click-Worthy Pins
  • How to Generate 100+ Pin Ideas in 30' or less!
  • Pin Design Tutorials for: Article, Video + Idea Pins

5 Video Lessons on:

Value $350

module 4 - The pinterest algorithm + search 

  • Break-down of The Pinterest Algorithm for Business
  • Pinterest Keyword Research -  "Keyword Intention Theory"
  • Other *secret* SEO Tutorials 

4 Video Lessons on:

Value $350

module 5 - systems + strategy

  • A perfect Pinning Routine  to Implement for your Biz
  • The "Hierarchy of Freshness" Pin Concept
  • Tutorials on How to Pin "Manually + Scheduled"

4 Video Lessons on:

Value $350

module 6 - Pinterest Sales booster

  • How to use Pinterest to Grow your Income + Sales
  • Getting People to Convert through Content Marketing
  • Email List Explosion from Pinterest

4 Video Lessons on:

Value $350

Access to the Exclusive Members-Only *Pin-Pals* FB Group

Your place to ask questions, wins, setbacks, and connect with people who are in the trenches with you. 

Value $150

10-Part Plug'n'Play *Pinterest-to-Sale* Email Sequence

Value $597

Use these 10 Plug-n-Play email templates to boost your email sales from Pinterest.

I created a brand new pack of 30 canva pin templates for more clicks + traffic to your biz!

30 Pin Templates, Checklists, Planners, Schedules & more...

Value $350

That Adds Up to a Value of $3197

you do the math my friend, but

I know my audience well, and that's why you can grab *The Pinterest Marketing Studio* today for a 6th of its worth!

but here's the deal

The Problem with most OTHER Courses?

They are sharing confusing and contradicting Pinterest strategies that just don’t apply to you!

I designed this product for course creators, digital product sellers and coaches. 

Stop Listening to OUTDATED or WRONG Advice!

A Course Created just for YOU!

Like, stop listening to bloggers and e-commerce shop owners when you want to sell digital products + services using the power of Pinterest. 

This is the only course out there that specifically covers strategies that work only for you. 

And there's more...

And before we move on my friend, I just want to mention that, please believe me

  • I don’t have access to exclusive experts, technology or resources.

  • I don’t even have a big team supporting me in my online business. 

But here's the thing! 

I'm not special!

Now, maybe you’ve wondered who is the person who created this program...

I’m a mom of soon to be 2 boys, and our little wiener dog, Phoebe, living in the tiny country of Switzerland.

I started out as a blogger a decade ago and over the past 5 years, I have been able to build a successful online business selling my digital products and coaching to thousands of amazing students online.  

hey it's Katie

So if I can do it - so can you!

 I’m not Special! 




time for some

Q -How much time does it usually take to see results with your course?

Q -How much time does it usually take to see results with your course?

So I believe that if you implement the strategies I teach you inside the Pinterest marketing studio, you can start seeing results within 90 days. 

Now, it’s very possible to see faster results than that, but my goal for you is to have a strategy in place that you can A. maintain and B. give you results over the long run. 

Inside the course, I’ll teach you exactly how to get your pins to rank in search that can bring you traffic and clicks for weeks, months, or even years. 

So it’s not about getting that one or other viral pin that disappears after a few hours or days but actually having a strategy in place that brings in new people and clients to your website every single day over time. 

Q - Will this course help me set up my profile and boards for my business?

Q - Will this course help me set up my profile and boards for my business?

Yes, for sure.

Even though the course teaches advanced marketing and Pinterest strategies, we start at the beginning. I walk you through everything. How to create a new business account: you’ll learn my exact strategy of how to come up with board ideas that make sense, and we really go deep into how to create pin designs that convert. 

I give you all the theory, tips, and strategies, but then, inside the video tutorials also go into a new Pinterest account and show you exactly what to do, where to click, and all of that. 

I know the platform keeps changing, so I want to make sure you’re all set up. 

Q - I’m a blogger. Will this course work for me if I’m planning to turn it into a biz?

Q - I’m a blogger. Will this course work for me if I’m planning to turn it into a biz?

Yeah, absolutely. 

This is the ultimate Pinterest course for coaches and digital product creators, but if you’re ready to pivot from blogger to online business owner, then this is the course for you.

If you’re ready to leave the stress of worrying about ads or other unreliable income strategies behind and you want to start offering digital products or services to your audience, then you’re going to love the Pinterest marketing studio. 

And, as a blogger, you’re basically sitting on a goldmine of content that you can start promoting on Pinterest right from the bat, which means you can expect to see results so much faster! 

Q - I'm swamped. Can I grab this offer today and go through it at my own pace later?

Q - I'm swamped. Can I grab this offer today and go through it at my own pace later?

Absolutely, yes! 

When you enroll in The Pinterest Marketing Studio today, you get lifetime access to all the modules. Which also means all the future updates for life. 

The course also comes with video and audio lessons - cause I totally get it! I’m a mom of soon-to-be two boys under 3 - and I listen to audio courses on my way to daycare or watch lessons when my baby’s in bed. 

You can go at your own pace! This course is here for you in one week, one month, or one year from now! 

Q - I'm still working on my website. Should I start Pinterest now or wait?

Q - I'm still working on my website. Should I start Pinterest now or wait?

Yes, I would already start setting up your Pinterest account and see if you can drive some traffic to a landing page or a freebie where you can start growing your email list right away. 

You can still do that when you’re website isn’t set up yet.

Over time, I do really recommend starting a website and then creating consistent free content so blogs or podcasts or videos to nurture your audience. This content also serves as the foundation for your Pinterest pins. 

So yes, start getting people from Pinterest to your email list, which is absolutely crucial for growing your business and income online, and then once you’re ready to launch your website or blog then, you’re going to see some real magic happen from Pinterest. 

Q - How much time do I need to finish + can I access everything when I enroll?

Q - How much time do I need to finish + can I access everything when I enroll?

The course is very thought-through and to the point. When you enroll, you immediately get access to all the modules and bonuses, so if you’re like me, you can binge-watch and finish all the modules over the course of one weekend! - or you can spread it out - it’s set up to be a 6-week course where you can focus on one module one week at a time. 

I’ve really intentionally set this course up to target business owners and not just everyone using Pinterest, so I’ve included everything you need to know to make this work for your business but, without overwhelming you with strategies that just don’t apply to you. 

And once you get into your own Pinterest flow - I believe you can do all your Pinterest to-do’s to promote your business in about 4 hours a month, which is literally 1 hour per week. Which like still blows my mind. 

Q - Can you explain again why Pinterest has the best ROI?

Q - Can you explain again why Pinterest has the best ROI?

So, let me ask you this - when you post something on TikTok or IG, how long do people get to see your post? For how long are these algorithms going to push this piece of content to your followers?

Here’s the things - it’s not a lot!

Usually, these types of posts have a shelf life of a couple of hours. Which just blows my mind when you think about how long it takes to create, for example, a good reel right, write the caption, and find trending audios. 

Now, inside the Pinterest Marketing Studio, I show you exactly how to leverage evergreen content and use Pinterest as a search engine and not a social media. 

Evergreen content means that it is not about following the latest trend but creating content that is still relevant for your audience in a week, month, or year from now. And then use the search engine to get in front of people when they search exactly that topic. 

So, this means you could create a pin now for a piece of evergreen content and not only get clicks from that pin today but actually also weeks or months from now. 

Pinterest has the best ROI when it comes to your time and doesn’t even compare to other social media platforms. It’s really leveraging the power of search to grow your biz. 

option A

option b

Option 1 - is you walk away from this opportunity you have here today. And we meet again 1 month, 6 months, 1 year from now, and you’re in the exact same spot, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated about your business- on the edge of burning out. 

Worst case scenario... 1 year from now, you’re giving up on your entrepreneurial dreams because you don't have the traffic or the sales you need to justify spending time on building your dream brand or business.

Now, my friend, if you think about this for a sec

You've basically got

Tow Options - You can choose:

Or, my lovely soul, there’s Option 2 - You jump into the Pinterest Marketing Studio today with me and take control of your traffic and income, to prove them all wrong and join me on the Winning Pinterest Team.

And before we close this things out...

Who Exactly is this for?


Podcasters, Bloggers + YouTubers

Fabulous Content Creators

Entrepreneurs + Online Biz Owners

Harness the power of Pinterest to bring your digital gems to the forefront! From e-books to online courses, infographics to printables, Pinterest acts as your digital showroom. It’s not just about selling a product; it's about connecting solutions to seekers.

Hey, content superstar! Each podcast episode, blog post, or video you create? It deserves the Pinterest stage. Not everyone's heard of you (yet), but when they hunt for topics you've covered, ensure they stumble upon your top-notch content. 

Love the social media hustle? Don't drop it! But imagine reaching fresh faces with that amazing content you're crafting. Enter: Pinterest. It's not about replacing your social media strategy, but amplifying it. Pairing Pinterest with your efforts is like adding rocket fuel. Get ready to soar!

 Pinterest is your digital megaphone. . When potential clients or customers search for services or products you offer, be the shining pin they can't help but click. In the online world, visibility is currency, and Pinterest is your ATM.

Incredible Service Providers

Ever had that "Where's my next client?" thought? With just a simple click on “Pin,” Pinterest guides your ideal clients right to you.  And guess what? Your knowledge is a goldmine for pinnable content, making sure you're the top-of-mind expert when they search for the solutions you offer.

30-Day Money-Back 


Safety Zone

 I want to make this course a no-brainer, and I know once you’re inside and you start implementing the course, it can totally transform your life and business.

However, should you find that The Pinterest Marketing Studio didn't answer your questions or boost your traffic you can get your money back within the first 30 days after purchase.

To activate your money-back guarantee within this period, just show that you've genuinely engaged with the program and given it your best effort, and we'll give you a refund.

published, November 2023

Your satisfaction is so important to me. Thus, I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on this specific course.

In order to qualify for a refund you must submit proof that you did the work in the course and it did not work for you. You must include your coursework with your request for a refund. Please do so within 30 days of enrolling by reaching out to my support team at, ensuring that you communicate your intention to obtain a refund no later than 11:59 CST on the 30th day.

It's crucial to understand that I do NOT process refunds after 30 days from the purchase date. Once this period lapses, all payments become non-refundable. Consequently, you are obligated to fulfill the payment for the entire program, irrespective of your participation or completion status.

For those who chose a payment plan, be advised that if you don't seek a refund within the initial 30 days, the law mandates the completion of all subsequent payments as per your plan.

If you're left with any uncertainties or require further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with my support team. You can reach out to me at: